X93 Low Bow Hook 2021

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Jamie's Choice.

The best selling JDH stick of all time, with updated graphics, new moulds and the same reliability and performance.

Manufactured with high grade Japanese carbon and finished with 3K  Carbon Twill Cloth and the JDH signature Taper Toe™ design.

Bow Point: 250mm
Curve: 24mm
Length: 36.5" / 37.5" / 38.5"
Colour: Hot Pink
Weight: 505gr -515gr*
Balance: 390mm*
Carbon: 95%

The Low Bow Hook is the only JDH stick with a Hook Head. Jamie has used a Hook head for most of his career and has brought the mould back for the 2021 range.

Jamie’s 93rd game for Australia was the Olympic final in Athens and this stick is made with approximately 93% carbon.

* Weight and Balance Point will vary stick to stick, above is a guide only.

Customer Reviews

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Dave Hoaen
Great power and feel

My fave stick of all time (44+ years playing). My first time with a hook head, what a blessing in defence. 3D control, power in the hit and touch in receiving. Fantastic graphic. Wish they had kept with the Smoke and Mirrors look longer than they did

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