Have you made the most of lockdown and this pandemic?

Have you made the most of lockdown and this pandemic?

South African national player, Dirkie talks about the current lockdown in Europe.

I have tried to make the best of this crazy time we find ourselves in. Sometimes it’s times like these that bring out the best in us because it drives us out of our comfort zones. I have had some good time to self reflect and work on areas on my life that needed attention. I was lucky enough to start up my own online fitness coaching business called DC Coaching (@fitnesswithdc). With this launch I was approached by an online fitness company called Jeff Life (www.jeff.fitness) where I am one of the fitness instructors giving weekly classes online on Facebook Live. Its is an incredible platform which includes nutrition, guided runs, healthy cooking tips, nutritious recipes and yoga sessions. I am grateful and blessed that I can work in an environment that I love and doing what I have always wanted to do!

I also got given the opportunity to play hockey in the best league in the world again. When the pandemic hit the world a lot of leagues got cancelled and this brought with it opportunities for players like me to turn negatives into positives and doubts into hopes. With the postponement of the Olympic games it brought an opportunity for me to join HGC this season, a hockey club in Holland. I really wanted to place myself in the best environment leading up to the Tokyo Olympic games and this decision has payed off greatly. It was a great new challenge playing at HGC, as one of the more experienced players, I wanted to bring experience to youngsters and grow together with this team in reaching our goals. I have really enjoyed the season here so far and been able to make a difference in an environment that constantly asks the best of me. As a striker there is also pressure of scoring and I get the chance to drag flick at short corners, having my JDH concave has really been the best because I absolutely love how this stick complements my skills, style of play and drag flicks. Knowing that I am taking the field every game with the best stick & gear gives me so much confidence. I could not have asked for better support and love from Jamie and the JDH family!

Looking back on the last few months and where I am now, I can be proud of what I have achieved during a time where it could have been easy to fall into a negative mindset. I am really happy with where I am at and super excited about where I am going. The future is bright and even when days look gloomy always remember its all about how you approach a situation and your perspective. Stay positive and smash your goals!

Dirkie Chamberlain
Dirkie Chamberlain HGC
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