Interview with Teresa Martin Pelegrina - German National Player

Teresa Martin Pelegrina with her X93LowBow

JDH: Hello Teresa, you moved from Düsseldorf to Hamburg last summer and now you are playing for UHC Hamburg. Did you settle in well in your new home? What were the reasons for your change to Hamburg?

TeresaI settled in very well and quickly and I feel very comfortable in Hamburg and especially at the UHC. There are of course several reasons for my change to Hamburg. I completed my bachelors degree in psychology in Düsseldorf last summer and thus I had the chance to start my master degree in a new city with a new environment. Another reason was that I had the feeling that my personal development was not as good as I expected when i moved from my home club Uhlenhorst Mülheim to Düsseldorf

JDH: You were awarded as best player at the Indoor Final 4 in Stuttgart at the beginning of 2018 but then later you didn’t get into the German squad for the World Cup in London. What is it in your opinion that contributed to you not making this squad?

TeresaUnfortunately, I have to say that this year was not optimal for me. Of course it has started well when I became European Championship in Prague and received the personal award in Stuttgart at the German Indoor Championships, but after that i was set out of action for 6-8 weeks because of bronchitis and sinusitis, which also led me to completely missing the first two training camps with the national team. It was possible to participate regular at the Bundesliga season, but at the exact time of the next training camp I pulled my hamstring so I could not participate again. In the end I was only able to play the last training camp before the world cup selection was published, where I was satisfied with my performance, but it was not enough to fly to London.

 JDH: Do you prefer indoor hockey or outdoor hockey? What is so special about indoor hockey in Germany? And are there differences in the way you played indoor hockey in Düsseldorf compared to the way you are playing with your new club UHC?

Teresa: I enjoy both, but especially the speed and the skills to perform in the smallest of spaces are the reasons why I love indoor hockey. In addition to this, especially at the Final Four, the emotions and the crowd, who create an incredible atmosphere, is much more noticeable in comparison to a Final Four on the field. I would say in Düsseldorf we played more defensively and focused on our counters, which was not unsuccessful. At the UHC we press earlier, which makes the games much more open. 

JDH: In Japan, where the German National Team had a trainings camp in November, you were part of the team again. How satisfied are you with your national team career so far?

What are your goals and aspirations for the future?

Teresa: Overall, I am very satisfied. In my first year (2017) I got the chance to play all three tournaments and to complete nearly all international matches. It was an incredible value for me to gain experience at the highest international level. Now and in the future it is my goal to establish myself in the squad, to play as many games as possible, including the Hockey Pro League and to play the European Championship in Antwerp in August. And in 2020 the Olympic Games take place in Tokyo, which are an absolute dream for me and it would be a great honor to wear the DANAS jersey and to represent Germany there.

JDH: Teresa, thanks a lot for this interview. We wish you all the best for your career and for your future.




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